Nature is not an object, place or being, it’s an event, a current, an ongoing process. It’s everywhere around us, allways. Nature is made of microscopic parts interconnected with bigger chains of parts, interconnected with bigger chains of parts. Atoms make DNA make cells make bodies make communities. Nature in time behaves like an ongoing current.


My work grows like nature with its own rules and behaviour. It develops like a rhizome: a centre from which extensions grow that make new centres again.


My work consists of connections in and around space. My search is about space. Space is the big nothingness that we can feel around us but that only becomes visible when something is actually taking up space.


Everything around us is being drawn to the earth by gravity. By hanging objects in space, gravity’s influence is taken away. By doing so the objects context is changed. Broken loose from the ground they are surrendered to the waves that move seemingly unpredictable throughout space. Swiftly the motion spreads out to all boundaries, then bounce back. They seem to be absorbed but allways show up later somewhere else.